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I’m Kanika (Kan), a photographer based in London. I’m also a finance geek. And a mother. Among other things.

My affair with photography started in earnest almost a decade ago, after “flirting” with it for many years… and before I knew it, it had turned into a committed relationship.

I am inspired by capturing the beauty around us, which, ever so often, is fleeting.

Whether it is in a resplendent sunset, or the twinkle in the eye of a child frolicking in a fountain…


...in the rippled reflections of pavement puddles, or how tiny fingers clutch a favourite toy.

There are moments of magic everywhere!

And being able to preserve them, is priceless.

“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera”

– Dorothea Lange


Email: kandidcaptures@gmail.com

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Loc: London, UK

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